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The advance of technology has made many things easy. Music, movies, photos…. at the touch of a finger. But what happens with all your precious music, movies, photos contained in obsolete media types? That’s when Trooca Design comes in.


We can convert any type of media into digital file. You can keep all your original vintage media, while still being able to enjoy its content using current technology.


Trooca also offers a variety of digital file conversion, editing, manipulation, etc.



These are some of the digital services we offer:
  • LP records to MP3
  • Cassette tape to MP3
  • VHS to DVD / iPad
  • Super-8 to DVD / iPad
  • DVD to iPad
  • iPad to DVD / CD
  • Hardcopy documents to PDF
  • Hardcopy photographs to digital slideshow
  • Digital file format conversion: all types
  • PC to Mac, Mac to PC
  • PDF file editing and manipulation



Other digital services are available upon request. Send us your inquiry. We will respond within 24 hours.




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